Our Story

In Season was an idea that started a few years ago by one newbie huntress and her hunting/fishing obsessed husband. (He basically came out of the womb with a cast net in his mouth, a bow on his back and a rifle in-hand.) We wanted to be the brand that all sportsmen an sportswomen could wear year round to show off what's in season for them! Our tagline - From Trailing to Trolling - emphasizes that something is always, In Season.

It's not only about what is literally in your scope, but what is your focus, your obsession. Whether it is hunting, fishing, running, working out or you are secretly a mermaid (we know there are a few of you out there), In Season is here to help you show your obsession off in style.

Watch for new products, as we are just beginning, but hope to continuously release new items for everyone, everywhere!